Why CRM Software

Why CRM Software
Contact Relationship Management (CRM) software provides a centralized database, accessible to all your principals, associates, staff whether in the office or outside. Tighter integration with Microsoft Outlook allows for multiple tasks in both programs at once. You have the option of accessing the database as a web-based solution or as a desktop offline client as well as on your phone.

Custom Tabs for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
The business tracking components you need for your business can be customized for each department’s requirements. The programming can be easily customized to support your evolving needs. Each department can have their own view, their own Contacts, while still sharing the same database. Management can have access to all.

Intergrate Microsoft Office programs
Leading solutions can be incorporated or integrated to keep your investment streamline. Microsoft Word templates, Export to Excel for robust reporting, working within Outlook, data exchange/integration with your favorite program.

Mobile Apps Available
Mobile apps make offline use on your phone easy and convenient. No internet needed to use your database. Can make calls and send emails, get directions all with one click from the Contact record in the app on your phone. Synchronization occurs when you do have an internet connection.

Hosting is Affordable and Flexible
Hosting options are available. Plans are available with monthly subscription available- no software investment costs.  Or you can purchase software for complete ownership.  We can help you plan a budget and wish list.

Consulting and Support
We have a team with an established track record of success in CRM implementations. Proven consulting methodology, business process expertise, team collaboration and advanced technical experience all provide you a smooth and efficient experience.

Customizable training
We provide training for end users and administrators. We are invested in you having a smooth transition with high end-user acceptance and adoption.

A successful Implementation

The success of any program depends on effective communication and collaboration. Though a geographically diverse team can benefit greatly from Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation, managers,  administrators and team leaders must oversee the technology to keep it easily useful and top of mind for the end users. Proper implementation is key. Appropriate processes must be defined, reviewed as business changes, and maintained.  Interactions must be entered into the database to further sales, marketing and service interactions. Reports generated to track the sales pipeline, open quotes, opportunities, recent activities and lost sales, must be available and in the forefront as the benchmark for the sales teams performance.  Doing this will greatly grow your companies profits and increase its value. This is where we come in. Range CRM can provide the oversight and guidance you need in a successful implementation. Call us.


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