Trying to Decide?

Trying to decide between Act!, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
Contact Relationship Management, CRM software, is a powerful platform that can be used for anything from simple contact/customer management, to designing a completely new interactive engagement tool for your sales personnel, field reps, management, staff and associates of your company.  Act!, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are the programs most discussed for CRM.

We Get You Answers
We ask questions. The pertinent questions that will make a difference to the short and long term use of your CRM.  Once we learn the most important aspects of what you need a database to do for your company, we provide you answers. Going through this short but thorough process will enable you to make the most effective decision for your company. With insight into each program, demonstrations, pros/cons, experts to question, and pricing, we can help you make the best decision for your organization.

Implementing the CRM
Solid leadership and buy-in of the top executives is the best way to drive a company forward when deciding upon and implementing a CRM program. The sales and staff using the CRM must feel its value and have an easy adoption path. Their ease of use will translate into more customer insight by management and in turn more customer satisfaction. Your biggest asset; your customer sales cyle, your relationship opportunities, will have more daily insight for more action.

CRM Business Consultants
As CRM business consultants we lead you through the CRM implementation process.  We build relationships with those within your organization who matter most to the success of the CRM implementation.  We work with an appointed administrator within your organization. We consider needed access to the appropriate personnel, access to pertinent data,  and coordinate project plans.  We are committed to your organization and the process of the implementation–for the life of program use.

Phase-in the Implementation
We can start by conducting phased approaches to the implementation. A discovery session and needs analysis is an important first step. Pilot runs of a few power users can be started for the first few months. Weekly and monthly reviews and assessments with project mapping can continue to keep the program relevant and progressive.


“Cynthia – I appreciate your professionalism and follow through.  [After several sessions of review] Our IT department decided to invest in some personnel and commit to helping us accomplish our objectives.  If we would have selected an outside solution I would have made sure it was with your involvement and stewardship.  You listened to our needs and best understood them. Best of luck with your business.”
Kevin Dempsey, Triple S Steel  triple s steel

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