Success stories


success stories

Act Success Stories
Range CRM Consulting has been making a difference for our clients all over the country.  Some of our historical successes are:

riderRider & Razzeto, Dallas, TX
Needing to track commissions that are received in varying amounts per project was a big headache for these interior designer representatives. QuickBooks was not the solution. Range CRM developed an easy way to input the check numbers and amounts in Act! for each project (Opportunity) which were summed up and subtracted from the commission owed. This provided them the balance due for commissions on each project with a couple clicks.  “It’s only the second day and we already know that this is going to save us so much time and energy – time we need to be selling!” Read More


hoseandrubber  Hose and Rubber Supply, Salt Lake City, UT
With 20 sales people traveling across several states daily to support their clients, having full time access to their database, with or without an internet connection, is vital to this busy company. Each salesperson has their own segmented copy of a local database, perfect when in desolate areas with no internet connection, but they were having trouble with registration.  Read More


simcoeholbrook40Simcoe & Holbrook, Scottsdale, AZ
Constantly traveling across the county to their clients offices and homes, these two interior decorators did not want to worry about a server or computers in a central office at which they rarely worked. They needed a reliable yet completely mobile solution. Read More


genevapipe40  Geneva Pipe, Orem, UT
With many sales people in the field every day,  Geneva Pipe needed the Act! database on the laptops of their sales people and also readily available on their phones. They also wanted to have each sales person be able to track their own progress Read More


island copier25  Island Copier Specialist, Honolulu, HI
3 Sales people and and one office secretary all with their own version of Act!. No one knew what the other person was doing with each of their growing clients. They knew they needed one consolidated database where they could effortlessly share the database while keeping track of whose client was whose. Read More


City 1st MortgageFrank Prater City1st, Salt Lake City, UT
As a long-time user of Act! City First Mortgage was faced with a database conversion they simply had no idea how to do.  Read More…


St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center Boise, IDSt-Lukes-logo
With installations on a server and end user workstations we combined and converted two dramatically different existing Act! 6.0 databases   Read More…

Nash Insurance, Salt Lake City, UTNash logo
A long time Act! user within a busy insurance broker company, customizing Act! to track all their policies was critical.  …Read More…



45pxlogo for Jorgenson CompanyJorgenson Companies, Salt Lake City, UT
Dustin Jorgenson first hired us in 2005 for general Act! consulting as the Jorgenson Companies was highly dependent on several Act! 6.0 databases to keep their different internal operations completing sales…Read More…

Act success stories. Better interactions lead to more transactions.