Business Marketing Using Act

Business Marketing Using Act!

Using Act!’s built-in broadcast Email programs makes your marketing process easy and inexpensive. Find relevant Customers/Contacts/Clients, and their addresses, quickly.  The features within Act! best-suited for the task at hand are described below.

First- Create Your List
There are multiple ways within Act! to identify the most relevant Contacts in your database:

Lookup by Opportunities Won
Find the Contacts with whom you have done the most business this year.  Look for the Top Opportunities Closed Won within a custom date range.  Select all the Opportunities on the list, right-click the selected, and choose “Create Lookup.”       Create Look up from Opp

Lookup by Contact Activity
Consider a Lookup from your Contact records using the Contact Activity from the Lookup menu, selecting your preferred date range and areas of recent data input.

Create Look up from Contact Activity

Define Fields
Analyze your business and evaluate the processes you use to close business.  Does your existing database include all the ways you would categorize your Contacts?  “ID/Status” and “Referred By” are good as well as fields like “Role”, “Industry” and “Last Purchase Date.”

“Role” describes a contact as “Decision Maker”, “Advocate”, or “Gatekeeper”,  something not found on a business card. It can be next to the “Title” field on your Act! layout.

“Industry” or “Last Purchase Date” are very helpful to know about your Customers/Contacts/Clients so you can get specific about the message or information you send them.Industry Contains

Right Click directly on any of these fields and choose Look Up to obtain a list of Contacts with specific data in those fields.

Sending your Newsletter
Swiftpage Email and Act! Emarketing are the two built-in broadcast email tools within Act!. You can reach the Contact lists you create with a targeted message, including pictures, pdfs, and links to webpages.

Select one of the handy templates included in the libraries or customize your own. Using these programs provides compliance with SPAM laws, providing a professional and safer way than sending mass emails from Outlook.

Contact us at Range for guidance on setting up your first template. In addition to sending a newsletter, you can send a questionnaire (Survey) to ask questions, or have a form on your website for visitors to fill in that then goes into Act!.
See a sample at
Up in the top left “Sign up for our helpful newsletter” is a form with questions you too can create.

Range CRM Consulting helps companies like yours manage your database, your day and your business.

Business Tips Using Act Feb 23 2016

Business Tips Using Act!

Our “Did you know?” series will highlight helpful tips when using Act! to run your business.

This week of Feb 23 2016, our “Did you know?” will feature 3 items easily set up that make big differences in getting things done efficiently.

•You can create an Activity in Act! while typing an email in Outlook?
•You can Synchronize your Act! Calendar with Outlook Calendar?
•With a QuickBooks integration tool you can create Companies in QuickBooks from Contacts in Act!?
•You can Receive Email Notifications on the success or failure of the Act! Backups?  (This one is a repeat. If you are hosting on-premise we cannot Stress backups enough.)

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Business Tips Using Act

Business Tips Using Act!

Our “Did you know?” series will highlight helpful tips when using Act! to run your business. Making the most of the power at your fingertips will make your business run more smoothly, all at your control.

This week of Feb 3 2016, our “Did you know?” will feature 5 items easily set up that make big differences in what is seen by whom in your database.

  • You can turn on or off Generate History when field data has been changed?
  • You can turn off the Permissions for end users to Delete or Export data?
  • You can Gray out field data to specified users?
  • You can Limit Access to specified Contacts to specified end users?
  • You can Receive Email Notifications on the success or failure of the Backups?

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Building the Perfect Database

Building the Perfect Database with Act! CRM

Building the Perfect Act! Database: it’s all about relevance.

Imagine an existing company database that reflects your mission, your daily processes, and the unique relationship you have with your customers and prospects. This kind of hyper-relevance with customizaton is easily achieved in the Act! database.

Act! enjoys a uniquely powerful  and easily customized design engine. Once you have it as you wish it will be a tool you will keep it in front of you everywhere you go. All with the comfort of knowing your database can evolve as your business needs change.

Looking at your Act! layout screen if you see a couple fields you rarely use, you may tend to ignore the surrounding field.  Good design principles arranges the fields in a way that the fields order mimics your actual use habits, allowing you to pay attention to information grouped in useful sections.

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Act! CRM and Windows 10 Compatibility

Act! CRM and Windows 10 Compatibility

Act! working on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will also work in the Windows 10 operating system. Act! CRM runs on desktops/laptops, offline access, mobile devices and tablets, with an Act! for Mac on the drawing board.

The Windows 10 operating system release is a great one. It is a free operating system upgrade to existing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users.

If your version of Act! works on either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, then Act! can work in the Windows 10 operating system. The Act! Product Manager adds a caveat though, saying that the product has been tested (meaning they have been using it daily, internally) with v16 and v17, but there has been no such testing on 2013 (v15), or earlier versions. Further, he said that Act! CRM will not be certified until v18 releases in December. Technical support will be available for the supported versions of Act! v16 and v17. Earlier versions of Act! and Windows XP are not supported.

Windows 10 will release with two browsers; Internet Explorer and Edge. Act! Premium for Web v16 and v17, works well on Edge. Certification on Windows 10 will come with Act! CRM v18 when it is released.

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