Simcoe Holbrook

A hosted solution without dramatically high monthly fees is the solution for Simcoe and Holbrook.simcoeholbrook40

We packed up and transferred their server based Act! database up to our hosting partner server. With the database hosted, Simcoe and Holbrook never has to be concerned with daily backups of their database or maintenance of their server. All they do is open Act! on their laptops, then push one button to synchronize changes with their server, keeping all changes current. They use HandHeld Contact to see their Contacts on their phone which synchronizes wirelessly with their hosted server. They easily open Act! to access and input data about their client information no matter where they are.

With new furnishing lines always being created, Simcoe Holbrook takes advantage of the built-in SwifPage email marketing newsletter program. They have a draft template of a newsletter with their logo. Every month they change out the pictures, replacing new furniture lines and information about the furniture makers, then send off the newsletter. This way they stay in constant touch with their clients while letting them know of new unique offerings, all with only a few clicks and not being tied to any office.