Hose and Rubber

hoseandrubberWith 20 sales people traveling across several states daily to support their clients, having full time access to their database, with or without an internet connection, is vital to this busy company.

Each salesperson has their own segmented copy of the master database as a local database, perfect when in areas with no or unstable internet connection. However they were having trouble with registration of the database depending on different access points.  They contacted us. We logged into each computer discovering the culprit of the problem,  then went through the necessary steps to eliminate the issue and ensure that the program stayed registered regardless of access point.

Each salesperson has access to the Contacts assigned to them in specific territories. The managers can view the Contacts and Activities of all the sales people at any time, with reporting capabilities on all the data, while the sales people are limited to their own Contacts.  This keeps the local databases smaller and faster to search, and provides them access regardless of where they are in the country.

Despite having dependable air cards for their computers, there are times when there simply is no reliable internet connection when visiting and supporting their clients’ project sites. Having a small, segmented local database for each salesperson is exactly the right solution.  Range CRM will continue to provide ongoing support in their enterprise with their CRM.

“When we changed our Act! service rep to Range CRM, every one of my guys who has worked with you now speaks of that experience the same as I do,…..EXCELLENT!.  You are first class in your customer service. One of them even asked me, ‘Do you think we could get her to take over our telephone accounts too?’ ”
Don Hinton, Energy Sales Manager