Geneva Pipe

With many sales people in the field every day, Geneva Pipe needed the Act! database on the laptops of their sales people and also readily available on their phones.  They also wanted to have each sales person be able to track their own progress with personal reports generated with one click. That way the sales person could see what activities they have input into the database and what they need to input to give management a good idea of their activities.

We created individual copies of the master database with Contacts divided up so each sales person only saw their own Contacts. We set synchronization to occur daily and provided a special Synchronize Now button so they could synchronize with the HQ server when they were connected via VPN or hardwired.  We installed Topline Reports on each laptop for each sales person to run their own reports giving them daily insight.  We installed Topline Reports on the server to automatically generate master reports and automatically email out to management.

We set up the Act! for Web version of Act! so the sales people can open a browser on their phone, pull up the Act! database live, log in with their credentials and input data live while in the field.

Live access via an internet browser, no monthly fees, and offline access when they might need it. Its a concrete system now.

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