Email Marketing

To become a resource for your customers and prospects, you will need a strategy that uses the best tools to support your unique position in the global marketplace.  You must be relevant and must reach your targets with timely, valuable messaging.




Call to action.


Whether you use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Act!, email marketing should be an integral part of marketing your business. It is low cost, easy to set-up and even easier to maintain, built right into the CRM.

Email newsletters can be triggered to send right out of the CRM. Templates can be linked to forms for visitors to fill out then receive an auto-responder email upon hitting submit. Each program is similar with perhaps a few distinctions.

Opens rates and Click-Through results provide a basis for measuring success. Tracking your close rate on your marketing effort provides another.  Your success starts with a clear strategy, persistence, and good tools.

Range CRM Consulting guides you through all of it.  Let’s make your email campaign one that your recipients anticipate, and one to which they will respond. Call us to show you samples and help you get your first email newsletter out the door.

Range CRM Consulting. Better interactions lead to more transactions.

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