Considering CRM

Considering CRM — Act!, Salesforce or Microsoft CRM Software Options

What is CRM and How Can You Benefit?
Customer Relationship Management, CRM
, programs manage an organizations interactions with their own clients/customers or prospects.  It does this by tracking the scheduling and recording the history of, phone calls, emails, meetings and social media.

The focus of the interactions is usually, but not limited to, Sales, Marketing and Support.

CRM provides the ability to input details about individuals and companies. Once listed in the CRM  the power comes in the tracking of Contacts from Leads to Customers, Accounts/Companies through Opportunities and revenue forecasting with reporting, plus so much more.

Integration with email clients, calendars and accessibility on mobile devices is now de rigueur.

Tracking Customer Service efforts, history and communications, Marketing campaigns and real time Analytics can be integrated or customized in as part of the database.

There are many CRM software programs —hosted, on-premise, freeware, expensive-ware. Every application, every technical scenario has its pros and cons. You could spend countless hours researching the right application for your environment.

Many features of the CRM programs contain what is most obviously needed natively, out of the box. Other features have to be purchased as separate modules or add-on apps. Custom integrations and custom development is always available and quite beneficial.

What makes CRM Software Implementation Successful
The success of any CRM program depends on effective communication and collaboration between personnel and departments. However the greatest benefit will be derived when there is an understanding of the value the CRM program brings to the organization. Though a geographically diverse team can benefit greatly from a SaaS implementation, managers, administrators and team leaders must oversee the technology to keep it easily useful and top of mind for the end users.

Processes defined and reviewed as business changes is key to a viable implementation.  Interactions are entered into the database to further sales, marketing and service. Reports and real-time analytics to track the sales pipeline, open quotes, opportunities, recent activities and lost sales, must be available and in the forefront as the benchmark for the sales teams performance.  Doing this will greatly grow your companies profits and increase its value. This is where we come in. Range CRM can provide the oversight and guidance you need in a successful CRM implementation. Call us.

Range CRM Consulting can assist you in choosing between CRM programs.
Range CRM Consulting can assist you in your decision making process. We discuss your most important business requirements- the areas that would make your company run smoother- and provide you the answers you are looking for from each of the three most popular CRM programs; Act!, Salesforce and Microsoft CRM Dynamics.

  • Do you want integration with your accounting program?
  • Do you want cloud access with global team collaboration?
  • Do you want offline access when no internet may be available?

We Get You Answers
We ask questions. The pertinent questions that will make a difference to the short and long term use of the CRM you choose.  Once we learn the most important aspects of what you need a database to do for your company, we provide you those answers. Going through this short but thorough process will enable you to make the most effective decision for your company. With insight into each program, demonstrations, pros/cons, experts to question, and pricing, we can help you make the best decision for your organization.

Considering CRM“Cynthia – I appreciate your professionalism and follow through.  [After several sessions of review] Our IT department decided to invest in some personnel and commit to helping us accomplish our objectives.  If we would have selected an outside solution I would have made sure it was with your involvement and stewardship.  You listened to our needs and best understood them. Best of luck with your business.”
Kevin Dempsey, Triple S Steel

Considering CRM — Act!, Salesforce or Microsoft CRM Software Options. Better interactions lead to more transactions.