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Do you have questions and need answers on choosing a Contact Relationship Management, CRM, software? We can help.

We provide you information about each of the  top CRM programs. We know which questions will help you determine which program is best for your company. We provide specifics on pricing once a project can be scoped out. We then will support you in your choice of CRM and be there to guide you on the implementation, customization, training and further administration.

There is no one CRM program that does it all. You must determine what is most important to your company success and which parts of your organization need to be integrated with your CRM system. What you need and what it will take to get it integrated.  Custom development will turn any out-of-the-box solution to your specific company’s solution.

Solid leadership and buy-in of the top executives is the best way to drive a company forward when implementing a CRM program. The sales and staff using the CRM must feel its value and have an easy adoption path. Their ease of use will translate into more customer insight by management and in turn more customer satisfaction. Opportunities will have shorter and higher close rates.

We are here to help you get the most out of your CRM program and ensure it adapts with your business needs as they evolve.

Companies that spend time to plan a CRM implementation and assign a dedicated administrator of the CRM program produce greater results, ease of use and profitability from having the CRM implemented. Your customer/client list and years of relationships are your companies most valuable asset. The investment made in any CRM program can protect and grow that customer list but only if valued and implemented appropriately.

This is where Range CRM Consulting comes in.

Contact us to find out how your business can be more organized, more cohesive, more efficient, and more profitable by having the best CRM for your company.  Not having a CRM in place or not utilizing one properly is costing your company more in lost revenue, disorganization, and most likely, discontent. We can help.

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