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The #1 best-selling Contact & Customer Relationship Manager  (CRM) for over 25 years.
We provide free trials and volume discounts on the Act Sales (click on Act Premium or Act Pro boxes at top of page),
and free trial of the Swiftpage Email marketing.

We customize pricing depending on the volume of licenses required. Larger volume receives a larger discount. We know all the current and upcoming promotions offered by Swiftpage to provide you the best pricing available.

Call us at 1-435-783-8383, or email info [at],  to discuss your company requirements. We will guide you on the most appropriate purchase for your company. We provide quick online demos to illustrate how the Act! program will work for your business needs. We have sample databases and ideas we can share with you.  Take the guesswork out of whether Act! is the right program for your business. We can give you the information you need to make the best decision for your company.

Email Marketing Built-in
There are two built in Act! Email Marketing programs. We can have you up and sending out newsletters to your client base quickly and easily. Click here for the free trial. Start marketing and convert more sales. Integrated Emarketing services provide you targeted messages for select groups of Contacts. Reach the right customers with the right message.

Information Before You Decide
Need more info before you decide? Call us at 1-435-783-8383 to speak with a knowledgeable Act! consultant.
Act! is trusted by individuals, progressive business owners, and sales teams for over 25 years. It is purpose-built to meet your unique, evolving needs. Organize your prospect and customer details in one central database, market your products & services effectively, and drive sales results while creating customers for life.

Get it together
More time, better relationships, higher success. Keep all your prospect and customer details in one organized place – at the office and on mobile devices.
• Windows® – based access
• Contacts, groups, and companies
• Calendar and activity management
• Seamless integration with Microsoft Office, accounting other business programs
• Best-practice process automation
• Sales Cycle Opportunity Management
• Dashboards and Reports
• Security settings, including user permissions and access
• Integrated Emarketing services

Options for Access: Hosted Online, On-Premise, Offline, Mobile
Real-time, shared access to a central database from Windows®, web and mobile
Group scheduling, dashboards and reports with team views
Additional security settings, including field-level security
Advanced administration and deployment options
Act! Premium Mobile3 (HTML5-based mobile) and Mobile Apps

Hosting options available, call for pricing 1- 435-783-8383

Important Note: Review Act! system requirements at You must purchase one license of Act! per user. Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database.
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