About Us

About Us

  • Sales Reps like fast access to their pipeline
  • Customer service agents like having easy steps to follow
  • Managers like having a real-time view of what’s happening
  • You will like having control of your business

Range CRM Consulting puts you in charge of changes to your business information and processes.  Customer Relationship Management whether Salesforce, Act! or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, are flexible systems that adapt to changing business requirements.  This gives you a lot of power to manage your business. Range CRM Consulting will support your business to keep the changes efficient and progressive. We bring our experience in many different industries to your unique situation.

From the very first contact, we work with you to identify needs and find the right solution. Our wide variety of hands-on business and technical experience guides the planning and advice we provide.

Who we are:

Cynthia Mucillo Thomas: The founder of Range CRM Consulting has helped hundreds of companies and professionals adopt customer focused business practices. After fifteen years training and implementing CRM solutions, she knows how to enable business change. Cynthia spends her days talking to owners and managers of companies to gain an understanding of their individual business requirements, and then works with staff to to streamline and accomplish those business requirements.
In her free time, Cynthia enjoys mogul skiing, mountain bike riding and farming alfalfa.
Henry Wythe: Our CIO Consultant brings entrepreneurial zest and executive experience to all aspects Information Technology. Henry has designed, developed and delivered hundreds of different systems for business, government and non-profit organizations. He enjoys working with management to validate the business benefits and pick the best-case solution. Once the plan is made, he builds the delivery team and takes responsibility for successfully implementing the solution.
On the occasional day off, Henry explores the back-country on skis and in his jeep.
Duane Anderson: Our own Wizard of Oz.  Duane can develop anything. He has years of development and technical expertise with many different programs. Integrations, automation, work flow processes; if you can describe it and it is not already part of the native CRM, Duane can make it happen. And he is a joy to work with!

Where we are:

Range CRM Consultants (formerly Wasatch Software Consulting) is nestled in the foothills below Park City, Utah, the alpine heart of the 2002 Winter Olympics. The name ‘Wasatch’ means ‘high pass’ in the native Ute language, and there is plenty of vertical here.  We are about a 30 minute drive from Salt Lake City, the business hub of the Intermountain West.  We recently changed our name to Range CRM because it conveys a better sense of who we are as consultants; offering a wider range of services and guidance with implementing the appropriate CRM software for your company. We provide our services to  a wide range of clientele and companies coast to coast.